Our Opportunity

April 13th, 2010 by Morganic Leave a reply »

We all know that we’re living at an unprecedented historical moment. The metaphysical powers that be have conspired to bring each of us into a world that demands that we completely transform our way of being from the materialist consumerism on which we have been reared to a way of being that allows a lot of human beings to exist without the complete destruction of the biosphere and other related phenomena. This isn’t exactly a small task, and some might think they’ve gotten the short-end of some proverbial stick.

For my part, I have often lamented the fact that I can’t in good conscience go about my day solely focused on the traditional challenges of adult life: finding a job that allows me to live comfortably, finding a lover and starting a family, enjoying carefree afternoons with friends, and keeping my cell phone charged. Indeed I do spend some time doing these things, but there is a constant gnaw in the back of my head that reminds me that I am not prepared, that I am not doing enough, that there isn’t much time to putz around. I know you feel it too. We can’t live the lives our parents or their parents did. However, while the current state of our world does add a nice thick layer of stress to the already complicated life of a well-adjusted adult human being, our moment affords us an incredible opportunity. Not only do we get to enjoy a world of relative ease and comfort that probably won’t be around for much longer (anybody read The Road?), but we have been chosen to navigate this hulking ship into a new era. We have something previous generations (particularly recent generations) have constantly searched for (often in vain): namely, meaningful lives.

This is not to say that those who came before us weren’t meaningful – each life and each event was necessary to bring us to our present moment. However, with the obvious notable exceptions, most people are generally not conscious of the meaning of their lives (hence the classic philosophical question). We are different. We know that the meaning of our lives is to create a sustainable culture. The reason we know this is because we know we’re in an evolutionary process that begin approximately 13.7 billion years ago. Now, we don’t know where this whole thing is headed (if you pressed me for an answer I’d suggest the reuniting of the finite and the infinite at some Omega point), but it is precisely from this not-knowing of the ultimate answers that we derive the meaning of our lives. We don’t know where the universe is heading, but we do know that if we can create a sustainable culture then the beings who come after us, whose existence we secure in this crucial hour, will have a much better perspective on these ultimate questions. Therefore, our entire existence, the meaning of our lives, is to create that sustainable culture. I’ll take a stress-filled meaningful existence over an existentially absurd life spent in cafes any day.

While we have been charged with an incredible task, it doesn’t seem so daunting when you focus on the first steps. We at the Wigg Party have identified a number of straight-forward initiatives that will really make a difference and cause some waves. If we simply do the things we’ve been discussing – help our local businesses operate in a better way, help our friends learn to make better decisions in their homes, convince our neighbors to grow some food in the space they have, and smile and love and celebrate all the way – then we will have accomplished a truly amazing thing.

We have the power to make our neighborhood the center of the world. It was this act, the creation of an axis mundi, that our ancestors held as the most sacred. To create a new center meant to create a new world, to bring order from chaos. We are creating a new way of being out of this chaotic city, this chaotic world. We too participate in the sacred, and we must never forget that.

So while we may wake each morning feeling deep within our hearts that the world we were brought into is rife with suffering and the challenges we face are immense, let us walk through each day knowing deep within our souls that the well from which we draw is deeper than ever imagined and that we truly do have the power to change it all.


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